MS 21

Stochastic finite element methods and their applications on model updating


Bin Huang,

Wuhan University of Tchnology

Heng Zhang,

Yangtze University

Hui Chen,

College of Post and Telecommunication, Wuhan Institute of Technology


Stochastic finite element method is an important tool widely used in many aspects such as reliability analysis, safety assessment and model updating et al. At present, various stochastic finite element methods have been developed. As typical representatives among these methods, the perturbation methods and the Garlekin based methods like PC and GPC, have been successfully applied to solve the stochastic problems in extensive industrial fields. However, highly accurate and efficient stochastic finite element methods are still developing to implement the stochastic analysis of large scale structural models. This research direction has been attracting many researchers’ attention.

Model updating is a key content in structural health monitoring. When considering the randomness of structural modelling and measuremenmt data, the stochastic model updating becomes unavoidable. To solve stochastic model updating problems, the stochastic finite element methods can play a significant role instead of the usually used Bayessian methods. This direction is a hot topic in current structural model updating, which has a very good application prospect in practical structural health monitoring.

This mini-symposium tries to bring the experts, scholars and engineers in various research fields together to discuss the development of SFEMs and SFEM based model updating methods in the future.