MS 23

Reliability and Maintenance for Internet of Things and 5G+ Networks


Yan-Fu Li,

Department of Industrial Engineering, Tsinghua University

Muxia Sun,

Department of Industrial Engineering, Tsinghua University

Enrico Zio,

Centre de recherche sur les Risques et les Crises, Mines Paristech, PSL Research University, Sophia Antipolis, France

Dipartimento di Energia, Politecnico di Milano, Italy


Internet of Things (IoTs), as the foundation of cyber-physical systems (CPSs), connect real-world industrial systems or products through Internet-based cyber networks, potentially achieving coordinated monitoring, communication, computing, control and decision-making among large-scale interconnected physical entities.

In this context, the 5G+ wireless communication network represents a critical part of the modern/future CPSs, providing solid infrastructure functions, such as the ultra-reliable low latency communication (uRLLC) for critical information transmission, and, the massive machine-type communication (mMTC) for the internet of massive industrial devices.

The reliability analysis of IoTs and 5G+ networks is a key issue for their success, and a challenging one. The capability of the cyber services to satisfy the demands from the physical counterparts can be a bottleneck by its own, for Quality of Service (QoS) performance, including the end-to-end latency, data rate and package loss in communication systems. Then, the quantification of the relation between the cyber QoS performance and the reliability of the corresponding physical production/service quality is essential for the reliability-and-maintenance based design of future 5G+ networks/IoTs/CPSs.

In this session, we aim to discuss the following topics (and others) related to reliability and maintenance analysis of IoTs and 5G+ networks:

  1. Definition and assessment of the end-to-end service reliability of IoTs and 5G+ networks.
  2. Reliability allocation and maintenance scheduling for 5G+ networks in service of industrial/consumer objectives.
  3. Maintenance scheduling policy design for industrial systems under IoTs.
  4. Risk analysis for future industrial systems, IoTs, 5G+ communication networks, and CPSs.

Keywords: reliability, maintenance, 5G, IoT, QoS, end-to-end production/service performances