MS 09

Model Identification and Structural Reliability Analysis with Complex and/or Combined Uncertainty for Structural Dynamic Problem under Seismic Excitation


Takeshi Kitahara,

Kanto Gakuin University

Yan-Gang Zhao,

Kanagawa University

Siu-Kui Au,

Nanyang Technological University

Yasutoshi Nomura,

Ritsumeikan University


Model identification and structural reliability analysis considering damage and aging have become increasingly hot research topics. Despite many achievements in theoretical and computational techniques, the lack of accurate and reliable techniques for interpreting or measuring data remains a challenge in the structural dynamic problems under seismic excitations. In the process of data collection, modeling, and analysis, combined uncertainties, such as aleatory and epistemic uncertainty, arises due to sensing noise, modeling error, surrounding environment, and lack of knowledge. Therefore, quantifying the uncertainties leads to improving the robustness and accuracy for assessing the seismic performance of existing structures. In this MS, possible topics of interest include but are not limited to: probabilistic modeling, filtering techniques, stochastic techniques, Bayesian approach, imprecise probability, aleatory and/or epistemic uncertainty, model updating, structural health monitoring, etc.