MS 05

Life-cycle Reliability of High-Speed Railway Structural System


Xuan-Yi Zhang,

Beijing University of Technology

Zhao-Hui Lu,

Beijing University of Technology

Yan-Gang Zhao,

Kanagawa University

Chun-Qing Li,

RMIT University


The development of Chinese high-speed railway has entered a new era of long-term safe and stable operations from the stage of large-scale constructions. Since the train loads, environmental factors, materials and structural behaviors of high-speed railway structural systems are random and time-dependent, it is of vital importance to evaluate the safety and serviceability of the high-speed railway systems based on the time-dependent reliability methods.

The main objective of this Mini Symposium is to bring together experts working in the reliability assessment and risk management of high-speed railway structural systems to share and discuss the latest developments in the field. Some relevant topics include time-dependent reliability, risk, and maintenance strategy of high-speed railway structures, such as the track system, high-speed railway bridges, high-speed railway tunnels and so on.